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The Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO
Small Destinations, Learning Values, Promoting Community Wellbeing
The Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO promotes sustainable tourism for rural development. It recognizes outstanding villages that practice tourism development in harmony with their sociocultural, economic, and environmental resources while nurturing sustainable livelihoods in rural and small communities. UNWTO administrators in charge of this initiative will discuss the vision, mission, and objectives of the Best Tourism Villages, explaining how its activities are designed to bring representatives of small communities, tourism experts, and others from the public and private sectors together in order to collaborate on rural tourism development and to exchange knowledge for the benefit of all: the host community, guest, and stakeholders in tourism. The next webinar will introduce some of the recognized villages in 2021 and create a dialog to learn from their practices and experiences. Learn more

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Welcome remarks
SCoT Curator
Jafar Jafari
Sandra Carvão
Cultural break
Panel discussion
Jafar Jafari
Sandra Carvão
Kazem Vafadari
Sandra Carvão

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Jun, 2022

Volume 41
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Jul, 2022

Volume 42
A Nice Place to Live is a Nice Place to Visit / / The livability and attractiveness of a place is influenced by its culture, lifestyle, natural landscape, and built environment. These resources and their mélange shape the place and as such respond ...
Date: 09 July 2022
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