Smart Community Tourism (SCoT)

A monthly webinar series, is designed to broadcast the seldom-heard voices of the neglected bulk.

“‘Think Global, Act Local’ - or is it rather to ‘Think Local, Act Global’?”

Volume 44, Willy Legrand

“Villages with distinct appeals have the potential to become successful tourism destinations.”

Volume 38, Hera Oktadiana

“Inclusive growth creates employment opportunities and helps in reducing poverty. It provides equality of opportunity for all, empowering people through education and skill development.”

Satellite Volume 6, Noel Scott

Smart Community tourism

Smart Community Tourism (SCoT), a monthly webinar series, is designed to broadcast the seldom-heard voices of the neglected bulk. Its panels are populated with individuals who have expertise in small and medium-size tourism communities and operations. Each webinar deals with a thematic subject: by first setting the stage and outlining its parameters; subsequently identifying relevant issues, problems, and prospects; road-mapping operational strategies forward; and closing the session by inviting webinar participants to add their voices to the discussion. Sustainable tourism development, with built-in resiliency, is among the principles feeding the webinar series, advocating strategies which benefit all: the host, the guest, and the stakeholder populations. By bridging tourism theory and practice, the series brings to light the notion and practice of “A Nice Place to Live is a Nice Place to Visit“.

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Oct, 2023

Satellite V 23
مهمان نوازى ايرانى / Iranian Hospitality / نزد بسیاری از مسافران بین المللی، مهمان دوستی، صمیمیت، و رفتار دوستانه جامعه میزبان عنصری محوری در ار...
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Nov, 2023

Volume 52
Green Destinations, Sustainable Tourism and Resilient Communities / / Sustainable tourism in practice happens when destinations are more satisfying, resilient and when travelers are responsible and are aware of the environmental and social impact of...

Past webinars

The SCoT Webinar series aims to democratize the creation, access, and use of tourism knowledge among industry, government, academia and small host communities. Our growing community of contributors and participants envision ourselves as globally interconnected networks of scholars conducting engaged research with industry and host communities informing the strategic evolution of tourism as a global force for peace, equitable prosperity, and sustainability.

Based on SCoT’s goals, several webinars have been successfully held so far, available on the past webinars’ searchable page.

Mar, 2023

Volume 49

Your Destination, My Hometown: Community Well-being in Tourism / / The webinar discusses the impact of tourism on local communities. Guest speakers from the public sector, community groups and scholars from Macao and Mainland China will share their ...


Aug, 2021

Satellite V 5

Trabajando junto con las comunidades locales y los gobiernos para una mejor gestión de los destinos a través de UNWTO.QUEST lecciones de la experiencia de Punta del Este con la Certificación UNWTO.QUEST / Working Together with Local Communities an...


May, 2022

Satellite V 12

The Best Tourism Villages by UNWTOSmall Destinations, Learning Values, Promoting Community Wellbeing / / The Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO promotes sustainable tourism for rural development. It recognizes outstanding villages that practice tourism ...


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