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Tourism is known as a worldwide industry or a giant economic force. But less known is that tourism is nested mostly in small communities or destinations, run by small-scale businesses, micro-operators, rural enterprises, all charmed with local natural and cultural resources. Together, these globally spread operations constitute the bulk of the industry, but it is often the bigger destinations and giant wings of tourism which are in the news, projected, supported, and promoted by governments and the giants of the industry itself.

Smart Community Tourism (SCoT), a monthly webinar series, is designed to broadcast the seldom-heard voices of the neglected bulk. Its panels are populated with individuals who have expertise in small and medium-size tourism communities and operations. Each webinar deals with a thematic subject: by first setting the stage and outlining its parameters; subsequently identifying relevant issues, problems, and prospects; road-mapping operational strategies forward; and closing the session by inviting webinar participants to add their voices to the discussion. Sustainable tourism development, with built-in resiliency, is among the principles feeding the webinar series, advocating strategies which benefit all: the host, the guest, and the stakeholder populations. By bridging tourism theory and practice, the series brings to light the notion and practice of “A Nice Place to Live is a Nice Place to Visit“.

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