Volume 15:

Corporate and Institutional Resilience and Inclusiveness:

The New Bottom-line in Tourism Communities

Monday March 1 ,2021 at 19:00 Tokyo

This webinar is the second in our series on resilience and inclusiveness training. Our panel, introduced by Jafar Jafari, includes Leigh Bennett, Marcus Curcija, and Robbie Cornelius, and is moderated by Kazem Vafadari and Duarte Morais and they will each explore strategies for the recovery of tourism-based small communities from the CoVID19 virus pandemic. But not only that; this is a time for recasting our policies and practices in the management of our communities. Each of our speakers has extensive experience in the real world impact of problems like the CoVID virus, and a strong desire to prepare their communities for future events of this nature. Join us and contribute to a stimulating and focussed discussion on the 1st of March

                  1th March@05:00 /NewYork.                                 10:00 GMT.                  March 1@19:00 Tokyo.                March 1@04:00 México. 


Jafar Jafari
Jafar Jafari​​ -  Moderator

Jafar Jafari

Jafar Jafari is Founding Editor, Annals of Tourism Research; Chief Editor, Tourism Social Science Series; Co-Editor, Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice; Co-Editor, Encyclopedia of Tourism; Co-Founder, TRINET; Founding President, International Academy for the Study of Tourism; Co-Founding Editor, Information Technology & Tourism; and Co-Founding President Tourism Intelligence Forum.

Dr. Kazem Vafadari 1
Kazem Vafadari -  Moderator

Kazem Vafadari

Dr.Kazem Vafadari is Director of International Center for Asia Pacific Tourism (iCAPt); academic director of the Kunisaki city research center for world agriculture heritage, Oita, Japan and Division Head, Graduate school of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) Tourism and Hospitality (THP) Beppu, Japan. He worked with United Nations University and Kanazawa University in Japan before joining APU in 2011. He is an expert on Tourism and natural resource management and tourism applications of agriculture heritage landscapes. His research background also includes community building and rural revitalization and destination branding

Duarte B. Morais -  Moderator

Duarte B. Morais

Morais is an Associate Professor of Sustainable Tourism and a Tourism Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University. He is also the lead in(ve)stigator of People-First Tourism Lab, a participatory action research collective started at NC State and now involving researchers and community development partners globally (P1tLab.ncsu.edu). Morais supports small communities and microentrepreneurs across the State of North Carolina and internationally.  Morais integrates the insight and energy of an increasingly rich team of scholars in disciplines ranging from Cultural Anthropology, Humanitarian Engineering, Social Business, Community Psychology, Design, and Computer Science. His disciplinary home is Social-psychology and through this lens he investigates how tourism microentrepreneurship is developed and how it may affect host communities ability to harness economic opportunity in their own terms.

Leigh Bennett- Panelist

Leigh Bennett

Leigh is Managing Director of the Institute for Tourism Leadership Australia (ITLA) and of Healthcare P/L. He is a former City Manager from Southeast Queensland, a national HR Manager and an educator. Leigh’s professional interests are in exploring the links between diversity, inclusion, resilience and wellness in communities. He has devised an Executive Wellness Leadership model that he uses to mentor small communities and individual businesses. He was heavily involved in leadership training for resilience in bushfire natural disaster affected parts of Australia immediately before the pandemic

Marcus Curcija -  Panelist

Marcus Curcija

Marcus is Co-founder and Principal Consultant of Insight into Impact (https://insightintoimpact.com.au), a social impact measurement and sustainability evaluation specialist firm specializing in the development and use of management tools that enable organizations and communities to identify their core focus, measure social impact,  track accountability,  and deliver quality services at lower cost. His approach simplifies complex social perspectives to place community input into the heart of decision-making. With a PhD in conflict management during community-based tourism initiatives, Dr. Curcija has applied his proprietary process to resilience and decision-making in over 24 countries. To learn more about his work, please visit his recent showcase in Sustainability Leaders Project (https://sustainability-leaders.com/marcus-curcija-interview/)

Koji Nakamura
Koji Nakamura -  Panelist

Koji Nakamura

Obtained PhD in Entomology from Kyoto University in 1980. Major field of interests is ecology, especially, long-term insect population dynamics in Japan, Indonesia and other tropical countries. Recently, engaged in the research, conservation and sustainable use of Satoyama and Satoumi in Noto Peninsula, Kanazawa, Japan. Served as the Co-chair of the Scientific Assessment Panel of the Japan Satoyama Satoumi Assessment (JSSA). Serving as the Director of Noto Satoyama MeisterTraining Program (2007-2011), Satoyama Satoumi Revitalizing Project, Kanazawa University (2010-on going), Noto Satoyama Satoumi Meister Training Program (2012-on going, since 2016 serving as Advisor), and Ifugao Satoyama Meister Training Program in the Philippines (JICA Technical Cooperation for Grassroots, 2013-on going).



  • Welcome Remarks

    Jafar Jafari

  • Moderador

    Kazem Vafadari & Duarte Morais

  • Institute for Tourism Leadership Australia and Healthcare P/L

    Leigh Bennett

  • Insight into Impact P/L

    Dr. Marcus Curcija

  • DR Tourism

    Koji Nakamura

  • Break

    Cultural Intermission: a short thematically representative video

  • Discussion

    Kazem Vafadari & Duarte Morais



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