The dramatic events experienced in 2020 provide an unprecedented opportunity for tourism to evolve into a global force for peace, equitable prosperity and sustainability. Drawing from many decades of scholarship, we know that tourism can only be responsible to host communities if their residents are involved in technical discussions, planning, and policy-making. Accordingly, Smart Community Tourism Webinars fuels this transformation by leveraging emerging communications technology to inject the seldom-heard voices of host community members and microentrepreneurs into global discussions with industry, technocrats and academics.


Global interconnected networks of scholars conducting engaged research with industry and host communities informing the strategic evolution of tourism as a global force for peace, equitable prosperity and sustainability.


To democratize the creation, access, and use of tourism knowledge among industry, government, academia AND small host communities.


Goal 1: To facilitate the hybridization of hyper-local perspectives of host residents and professionals with the technical and scientific knowledge of industry professionals and academics.

Goal 2: To disseminate new global knowledge among under-resourced host residents to enable their improved tourism livelihoods and equitable voice in destination management.

Goal 3: To disseminate new global knowledge to well-resourced centers of power and influence to inject hyper-local perspectives into policy-making, scholarly agendas and industry practices.


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