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June 2023

Volume 50Portuguese

The future of tourism in Brazil through a critical analysis of the period 2000-2019 O Futuro do turismo no Brasil a partir da análise crítica do período 2000-2019 The panel provides a perspective on tourism in Brazil, analyzing the main developments focusing on the period 2000-2019. Tourism related topics covered in this panel include economics, politics and planning, marketing, transportation, environment, gastronomy, hospitality, leisure, among others. As the main conclusion, it is argued that Brazil has not managed to position itself as an internationally renowned destination. The efforts in the 1990s to support the development of regional tourism have had only moderate success. Economic crises, political instability, violence and corruption were obstacles that considerably affected the tourism sector. The panel is based on this paper: Lohmann, G. et. al. Tourism in Brazil: from politics, social inequality, corruption and violence towards the 2030 Brazilian tourism agenda. Tourism Review (St. Gallen), 2021. ...
13 Jun
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
August 2023

Volume 52English

Localising Tourism: Centring local communities in tourism futures Local communities are the backbone of fair and sustainable tourism. Learning from the experience of the global pandemic, with its border closures and lockdowns, Higgins-Desbiolles and Bigby described a “local turn in tourism”. This “turn” offers multiple possibilities for localising tourism: defining tourism by the local community, local community empowerment, more localised geographies of travel and tourism, localising decision-making to the lowest level (subsidiarity) and the local interrelationships between people, place, ecology and all living things. This panel convenes Australia-based researchers that contributed chapters to the Channel View edited volume The Local Turn in Tourism. In this panel discussion, they will consider case studies of the local turn, consider the possibilities and test the limits of “localising” tourism. They will consider the argument that a localising agenda is essential to ensure long-term sustainability, equity and justice. This discussion may test the argument that: “The place where tourism occurs is not a tourism destination; it is the local community’s home, their standing place, a place of uncompromisable value” (Higgins-Desbiolles, Doering and Bigby, 2022: 14). ...
12 Aug
9:00 am - 10:30 am
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