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May 2024

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Working Together with Local Communities and Governments for a Better Destination Management Through UN Tourism QUEST Lessons from la Corporación Regional de Turismo de la Región de Valparaíso's experience with the UN Tourism QUEST Certification Regional Tourism Corporation of the Valparaíso Region is a private non-profit entity, being presented and supported by different public and private actors, the corporation is chaired by the governor of the Valparaíso region, Rodrigo Mundaca. Its objective is to enhance and position the region as one of the main tourist destinations nationwide This webinar invites the program manager at UN Tourism Academy to introduce UN Tourism QUEST which is the UN Tourism quality certification system for destination management organizations (DMOs). Lessons learnt by the Regional Tourism Corporation of the Valparaíso region with this certification will be shared to bridge theory and practice. The panel discussion with representatives of Creative Tourism Network® and SMART Tourism & Hospitality Consulting, the two leading organizations in the field discuss and share the best practices and experiences of sustainable destination management. We are eager to answer your questions.
28 May
9:30 pm - 11:00 pm
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