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COVID-19 pandemic and recovery strategies of tourism SMEs: Perspectives on Iran


The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has triggered an unprecedented crisis in the global tourism economy due to the severe travel restrictions as well as substantial slump in demand among travellers. Many tourism SMEs have been heavily impacted by this pandemic and are now facing significant declines in revenue. This is especially significant as SMEs are particularly at much higher risk from prolonged COVID-19 lockdown measures, and account for around 75% of all jobs in directly affected sectors. Like many other destinations, Iran has also experienced severe economic impacts from far-reaching consequences of COVID-19 pandemic.

The impacts of this outbreak are particularly significant in Iran as many of affected small businesses and self-employed people are those whose livelihood depend upon tourism as a vehicle to spur their development and economic inclusion. Thus, responses are needed at local, national and global level to limit the direct effects of COVID-19 and to help the affected societies and communities return to growth and stability. This webinar sheds light on the recovery strategies of SMEs in Iran and discusses the policy responses and resilience mechanisms required to combat this crisis for SMEs.

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Salar Kuhzady ​ - Moderator

Salar Kuhzady

Salar Kuhzady is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Tourism Management at the University of Kurdistan, Iran. His main research interests include e-tourism, smart tourism and digital enterprise. In addition to international academic experiences in Turkey and Portugal, he has working experiences in different tourism startups.

Siamak Seyfi ​- Moderator

Siamak Seyfi

Siamak Seyfi is an Assistant Professor at the Geography Research Unit of the University of Oulu, Finland. Using an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach, his research interests focus on tourism geopolitics, cultural heritage, and the resilience of tourism destinations facing crisis.

Raymond Rastegar​ - Moderator

Raymond Rastegar

Raymond Rastegar joined the University of Queensland in 2010 after working on several projects on tourism development and conservation in protected areas. Raymond’s research focuses on justice and sustainability in tourism, hospitality and events. His areas of interest include the impact of tourism, tourism policy and planning, and tourism sustainability.

Zahed Ghaderi - Panelist

Zahed Ghaderi

Zahed Ghaderi is currently Assistant Professor in International Tourism Management at Kharazmi University. He has over 20 years of both academic and practical experiences in different countries (Iran, Malaysia, Germany, Denmark, etc). He is an international figure and has successfully implemented several national and international projects for International organizations such as UNDP, SGP, GEF, Erasmus, etc.

Mostafa Rasooli manesh - Panelist

Mostafa Rasooli manesh

Mostafa Rasoolimanesh is an Associate Professor at the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events of Taylor’s University. His research interest areas contain sustainable tourism, heritage tourism, community participation, residents’ perceptions toward tourism development, and advanced quantitative analysis approaches. He has published widely in leading tourism and hospitality journals.

Vali Teymouri - Panelist

Vali Teymouri

Vali Teymouri is the Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts of Iran. He has completed his PhD in economic geography with a focus on tourism. In addition to educational and research activities, he has extensive activities in various government departments

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