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한국의 대표적인 관광축제가 지역에 미치는 영향

15 January 2022, 

이번 webninar 에는 배재대학교 정강환 교수님이 좌장으로 3분의 패널분들을 모시고 한국의 대표적인 관광축제라 할 수 있는 보령머드축제, 진주남강유등축제의 사례를 통해 관광축제가 개최지역에 미치는 다양한 영향에 대하여 알아보는 시간을 갖고자 하며, 인천시와 군산시의 사례를 통하여 축제와 이벤트가 도시재생에 미치는 영향에 대하여 알아보고자 한다.   

Regional Impacts of Korea’s Representative Tourism Festivals

This webinar, chaired by Professor Gang Hoan Jeong of Baeje Paichai University, serving as a consultant of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Korea) discusses effects of cultural festivals on the host region. It includes presentation of various cases, such as the representative festivals of South Korea, Boryeong Mud Festival and Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival, followed by panel discussion on socioeconomic effects of festival and event on urban regeneration and community development with Incheon and Gunsan as examples.

Jeong, Ganghoan
Gang Hoan Jeong - Moderator

Gang Hoan Jeong

Gang Hoan Jeong received his PhD from University of Wisconsin, USA, and served as the director of Tourism & Festival Korean wave at Paichai University Graduate school, as President of IFEA Asia & Korea, Board director of Korea, IAFA, evaluation committee of Department of Culture and Tourism, and Heritage expert committee of Cultural Heritage Administration.

Nam, Moonhee
Moonhee Nam -  Panelist

Moonhee Nam

Moonhee Nam received her doctorate degree from Paichai Univerity, South Korea, and served as an visiting professor at Paichai University’s Graduate School of Tourism , a legislative policy researcher at Daejeon City Council, a member of the International Festival & Event Association, Cultural Tourism Festival’s On-site evaluation committee at Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, an Evaluation Committee of night Travel at Cultural Heritage Administration.

Hong, Jeongsu
Jeongsu Hong - Panelist

Jeongsu Hong

Jeongsu Hong received his doctoral degree from Paichai University, South Korea, and MBA degree from Johnson & Wales. He served as an instructor of Tourism & Festival Korean wave Graduate school of Paichai University, section chief of ‘Year of Visiting’ and Tourism Marketing of Incheon tourism organization, a section chief of City Marketing·Tourism Marketing of Incheon city organization and now he is serving as a head chief of Promotion Festival Event of Incheon city.

Jang Ho
Jangho Seok - Panelist

Jangho Seok

Jang Ho received his doctoral degree from Paichai Univerity, South Korea and he is serving as the head of the Jinju Culture and Arts Foundation, the host of Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival, and contributed to the development of local culture and arts by earning a doctorate from Baejae University, serving as a consultant of Culture, Sports and Tourism.



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