Volume 25:


July 17, 2021 @  18:00 (Tokyo time)

Health & Wellness in Small Communities

Four panelists share their experiences as practitioners in the area of community health in Japan, providing details on the services and medical treatments offered to locals and visitors. Presentations will cover community stress, how to develop mental health services in the workplace and the community, and how existing natural resources, medical and psychological services enhance the wellbeing of individuals and the community as a whole. The discussion is oriented to the needs of people in small communities and their visitors. The panelists will provide insights on how to build resilience and deal with mental health problems in small communities.



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Giguruwa Nishantha -  Moderator

Giguruwa Nishantha

Professor Giguruwa NISHANTHA, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan.

Director, Center for Digital Disruptive Innovation Technologies, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan
Director, Food Roads Organic Network, Japan


International telemedicine, medical collaboration systems, health care and home care systems, pervasive devices, Hospital Information Management System (HIMS), hybrid education systems, precision agriculture, food and health awareness.

Mayumi Hieda - Panelist

Mayumi Hieda


Tomiyo Photo
Tomiyo Fukagawa - Panelist

Tomiyo Fukagawa

現職:医療法人ストレスケア若草 深川内科クリニック副院長、理事

・Centenary college (U.S.A) pipe organ performance科卒業


・大分医科大学 脳代謝研究室にて、脳のストレス機序について研究。


Hagio Haruko Sarabio
Haruko Hagio - Panelist

Haruko Hagio

Was born in Beppu. She is a former employee of OEC who worked at APU for 8 years in the Admissions Office International Entrance Exam Section, before she joined SARABiO Probiotic Lab. Co., Ltd in June 2021. She also has 7 years of experience in the inbound tourism field in Tourism Oita and the  Oita City Tourism Association.

Ayuu Noda - Panelist

Ayuu Noda

Born in Osaka. After graduating APU in 2011 she worked at modern Japanese Restaurant in Osaka and learned about hospitality for 2years. After that she worked at travel company as a tour-conductor and guided people all around the world for 8 years.  Through those experiences, she realized the attractiveness of the hot springs in Beppu and is now trying to explore the application of RG92 health products through tourism to the world.

Hira Sakura
Hira Sakura - Interpreter

Hira Sakura

Holding a degree in Tourism and Hospitality, Hira is currently working in the field of digital marketing. She researches the mobility aspects of tourism, sustainable livelihoods and poverty alleviation. Her background includes coordination in workshops organized by UNWTO Japan. She has conducted field works on heritage tourism in Europe in her experiences. She has also collaborated with Japan International Cooperation Agency in field study design and interpretation for graduate students from developing countries in Japan.



  • Welcome remarks

    Kazem Vafadari Asia Pacific University, Japan

  • Introduction

    Malcolm Cooper

  • Giguruwa Nishantha, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan.

  • Presentations by speakers/panelists

    Mayumi Hieda

  • Tomiyo Fukagawa

  • Ayuu Noda

  • Haruko Hagio

  • Cultural break

    Cultural Intermission: a short representative video.

  • Discussion and Q/A

    Participants and Panelists

  • Conclusion



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