Volume 25:


July 17, 2021 @  18:00 (Tokyo time)


Health & Wellness in Small Communities: the front line

Today we have 4 panelists talking about their experiences as practitioners in the area of community health, which includes providing services to visitors (tourists) to their communities seeking medical help. In this webinar our speakers experience is drawn upon to provide understanding of community stress, how to develop mental health services in the workplace and the community to cope with the stresses on systems and individuals, and how existing medical and psychological services that engender mutual confidence and health can be enhanced. The discussion is oriented to the needs of people in small communities and their visitors. The panelists will provide comments on how to build resilience and enhance mental health in the Japanese community now and in the future.

Mayumi Hieda
Mayumi Hieda- Panelist

Mayumi Hieda


Mayumi Hieda is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in counselling and therapy (Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral, Humanistic, and Progressive Psychology) helping clients to develop social skills, cope with stress and development disorders, and mental health assessment. She has been a clinical psychologist since 2008, in a range of hospitals and clinics supporting many patients who suffered from schizophrenia, depression, personality disorders, developmental disorders and dementia ,and so on, at all age levels in Oita Prefecture. By passing on her experience we can assist people who are unable to adapt at school, university and in the community by supporting medical diagnoses and training them to achieve their true role in society. Those who suffer from student assessment difficulties and other personal trauma, and those who also need cooperation with specialized agencies, and/or need introduction to each hospital in the local area, or with mental health officials, should be  assured of effective and confidential assistance.




  • Welcome remarks

    Kazem Vafadari Asia Pacific University, Japan

  • Presentations by speakers/panelists

    Mayumi Hieda

  • Tomiyo Fukagawa

  • Cultural break

    Cultural Intermission: a short thematically representative video of mental stress in communities.

  • Discussion and Q/A

    Participants and Panelists

  • Conclusion



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