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Actions of Small Destinations to Restore Tourism, Lessons from Beppu, Japan


Tourism-dependent communities and small businesses around the world have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic due to the fast and almost absolute decline in travel, and many are now gradually exploring paths towards recovery. In several cases, recovery strategies have focused on embracing domestic tourism, and on creating practices and conditions that minimise the potential of infection among visitors and tourism workers. Beppu city, in Japan, is a popular hot springs destination in which the community has been deeply involved in tourism planning to ensure competitiveness and sustainable local benefits. Two speakers representing local tourism business and government will explain problems and prospects from a community’s point of view. International webinar participants, also benefiting from the panel discussion and questions from the audience, will find applications of Beppu’s strategies in their respective communities/countries.

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Jafar Jafari
Jafar Jafari​ - Moderator

Jafar Jafari

Jafar Jafari is Founding Editor, Annals of Tourism Research; Chief Editor, Tourism Social Science Series; Co-Editor, Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice; Co-Editor, Encyclopedia of Tourism; Co-Founder, TRINET; Founding President, International Academy for the Study of Tourism; Co-Founding Editor, Information Technology & Tourism; and Co-Founding President Tourism Intelligence Forum.

Dr. Kazem Vafadari 1
Kazem Vafadari - Moderator

Kazem Vafadari

Director of International Center for Asia Pacific Tourism (iCAPt); academic director of the Kunisaki city research center for world agriculture heritage, Oita, Japan and Division Head, Graduate school of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) Tourism and Hospitality (THP) Beppu, Japan. He worked with United Nations University and Kanazawa University in Japan before joining APU in 2011. He is an expert on Tourism and natural resource management and tourism applications of agriculture heritage landscapes. His research background also includes community building and rural revitalization and destination branding.

Tony Park ​- Panelist

Tony Park

I am a self employed Chinese nationality Korean, living in Beppu with my wife and two kids.

I speak Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English.

I am Working for Tourist Information center located at Beppu Station, also did tour guiding for foreign tourists at tourist facilities in beppu.

Because of dramatically down of inbound traveling, I am temporarily hired by Beppu City hall

to support foreign students who have been effected by Cor

Yasuo Nogami  -  Panelist

Yasuo Nogami

I run a Japanese inn in Beppu city.

As a part of life work, we are developing an ONPAKU, a revitalization program for local communities. “ONPAKU” started in Beppu. This is an internal development method that can efficiently discover and utilize local resources and develop human resources. The “ONPAKU” program has been deployed in more than 100 regions in Japan and overseas with the support of the Japanese government, JICA, APU and others. Overseas, it is being deployed in Thailand,

Nelson Graburn  -  Panelist

Nelson Graburn

Nelson Graburn was educated in Anthropology at Cambridge, McGill and Chicago (PhD 1963), and Northwestern (Postdoc). He has taught at U C Berkeley since 1964, serving as Curator of the Hearst Museum, Chair of Anthropology, Chair of Canadian Studies, and Co-chair of Tourism Studies (www.tourismstudies.org).

He also taught in Canada, France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, Japan, and Brazil.

He has lectured at forty-one universities in China and is presently Master of a 111 Project at Minzu University, Beijing.

He has carried out research on change, identity, multiculturalism, museums, art, heritage and tourism among the Canadian Inuit (1959-2014), in Japan (since 1974) and in China (since 1991). His works include: Ethnic and Tourist Arts (1976); Japanese Domestic Tourism (1983); Anthropology of Tourism (1983); Multiculturalism in the New Japan (2008); 旅游人类学论文集 [Anthropology in the Age of Tourism] (2009); Tourism and Glocalization in East Asia (2010); Tourism Imaginaries: Anthropological Approaches (2014), Cultural [Indigenous] Tourism Movements (2018)

Seung Ho Youn - Panelist

Seung Ho Youn

Dr. YOUN Seung Ho is an Associate Professor in Tourism and Hospitality at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) Japan, where he is also the Associate Dean of Admission. YOUN has received a MA in Tourism Development from Kyonggi University South Korea and a MSc in Tourism from the University of Surrey UK, before pursuing a PhD on cultural heritage and a local citizens’ sense of identity at the School of Psychology, University of Surrey. At APU, YOUN teaches various courses, such as Hospitality Management, Resort Management, and Tourism Psychology and Tourism Marketing in his classes and seminar.

His research interests include the way tourism promotes local community resilience and visitors’ experience. YOUN is also passionate about tourism resources, viewing them not as tangible elements, but as experiences, which can be generated by community culture and local’s everyday lives.

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