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Homogenization vs Distinctiveness

17 April 2021 @Special Edition in Turkish

The tourism industry of today is shaped by Anglo-Western world, a trend which has suppressed the distinctiveness of local peoples and destinations. The host cultures, languages, and practices are often silenced, with diversity and creativity discouraged. This globalization process is driven mainly by the formal sector in tourism, but about 60% of hospitality/tourism businesses are in the informal sector. Without recognizing their resources and involvement in tourism, how can the national importance and function of the industry be assessed? How can tourism provide authentic experiences in this globalized industry? How can tourism continue playing its peacemaking role in our global village? This webinar discusses the ambivalence of locality/informality in the tourism industry and suggests the way forward.

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Metin Kozak
Metin Kozak ​​ -  Moderator

Metin Kozak

Dr. Metin Kozak holds a Ph.D. degree from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. He has contributed to a wider range of articles, conference papers in more than 40 countries and over 30 books released by international publishers. As a Research Fellow, he was affiliated with the University of Namur, Belgium (2005-2006), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR (2014-2015) and Bournemouth University, UK (July–August 2016). He has been invited as a guest lecturer to conduct seminars or lectures in more than 20 countries worldwide. He also has an extensive experience in taking parts in the organization of academic organizations. He acts as the co-editor of Anatolia and the Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, Tourist Research Centre, and International Academy of Culture, Hospitality and Tourism. His research interests entail destination marketing and consumer behavior. His current affiliation is with Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey.

Rahim Heydari Chianeh
Rahim Heydari Chianeh​​ -  Panelist

Rahim Heydari Chianeh

Rahim Heydari Chianeh, is Associate Professor and a faculty member in the Faculty of Planning and Environmental Sciences, the University of Tabriz, Iran. He has taught more than 20 BA, MA, and PhD courses from over the last two decades. His research interests are tourism planning and marketing, urban tourism, Islamic and halal tourism, and destination branding. He has articles and books both in English and Persian. He also acts as the supervisor of over 50 master’s and PhD dissertations, and as scientific member of several international conferences.

Muzaffer Uysal
Muzaffer Uysal​​ -  Panelist

Muzaffer Uysal

Muzaffer  Uysal, PhD., is a professor and chair of the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management – Isenberg School of Management UMass, Amherst, USA. Dr. Uysal has extensive experience in the tourism and hospitality field, has worked on several funded projects, and conducted workshops and seminars in several countries. He is a  recipient of several research and teaching awards, and a member of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, the Academy of Leisure Sciences, and  the Hospitality and Tourism Management Academy. His current research interests focus on development and quality-of-life research in tourism and hospitality settings.

Erdinç Çakmak
Erdinç Çakmak​​ -  Panelist

Erdinç Çakmak

Erdinç Çakmak obtained a Ph.D. in Social Sciences from Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands. Since 2007 he has been working at Breda University of Applied Sciences (formerly NHTV) and has developed, coordinated and taught a range of courses on destination management, context related and field research at introductory and advanced levels. He has (co-)authored more than 30 academic papers, book chapters, (co-)edited special volumes, books, and apart from that (co)-chaired international conferences. He has been the vice president of the international tourism group RC50 at the International Sociology Association since 2014.

Huseyn Hasanov
Huseyn Hasanov -  Panelist

Huseyn Hasanov

Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University, Azerbaijan As a graduate of IMC FH Krems Applied Sciences University of Austria, Huseyn Hasanov holds both bachelor and master’s degrees in hospitality management. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University. The thesis was on the conflict management in the hospitality industry. Huseyn has had 14 years of professional experience in international tourism and hotel operations, sales management, higher tourism education, institution management, and government education policy making.

H. Kader Şanlıöz-Özgen1
H. Kader Şanlıöz-Özgen - 

H. Kader Şanlıöz-Özgen

Dr. H. Kader Şanlıöz-Özgen obtained her MBA from Akdeniz University, Institute of Social Sciences, majoring in Business Administration (2012) and her PhD from Dokuz Eylül University, Institute of Social Sciences majoring in Tourism Management (2018). She also gained professional experience as employee and manager at the front office, guest relations and marketing departments of the city and resort hotels in Turkey between 1996-2011. Her research fields focus on hospitality marketing, hospitality experience, hotel information technologies, total quality management, and sustainable tourism. She is currently affiliated with Özyeğin University School of Applied Sciences Hotel Management Department.



  • Welcome remarks

    Jafar Jafari & Kazem Vafadari

  • Introduction

    Metin Kozak

  • Presentations by speakers/panelists

    Rahim Heydari Chianeh

  • Muzaffer Uysal

  • Erdinç Çakmak

  • Huseyn Hasanov

  • Cultural break

  • Discussion among panelists and audience

  • Conclusion

    Metin Kozak



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