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10 April 2021 @ 2pm in Townsville, Australia

Staycations is a term used to refer to the practice of taking a holiday or vacation close to home.  It is a form of domestic tourism where the tourists stay within or close to their home destination region. Prior to the COVID 19 pandemic, concerns over the sustainability of tourism as a global socio-economic activity prompted calls for staycations to be embraced as a form of tourism that could be more sustainable, especially for small communities.  The COVID 19 pandemic has meant that in many countries staycations are the only form of holiday available or likely to be available for the next several years.  For tourism researchers this has been an under-researched area lacking the appeal of exploring global patterns and destinations.  For tourism practitioners staycations can be challenging.  Staycations require changes to promotional campaigns. Staycations may not support all the existing tourism businesses as local residents may not see the need to participate in tours, packages and experiences that were previously designed for outsiders.  Staycations could be particularly challenging for small communities highly dependent on international tourism and/or who do not have local populations with the affluence and freedom to travel at all.  This webinar seeks to explore these challenges, identify further challenges and offer some solutions and future directions for small communities seeking to develop their staycation potential.

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Dr. Gianna Moscardo
Gianna Moscardo ​​ -  Moderator

Gianna Moscardo

Gianna Moscardo is a Professor in the College of Business, Law and Governance at James Cook University in Australia. After working with the CRC Reef on supporting sustainable tourism on the Great Barrier Reef she joined the School of Business at James Cook University in 2002. She has qualifications in psychology and sociology supporting her research interests in understanding how communities and organisations plan for and manage tourism development opportunities, how tourists learn about and from their travel experiences, and how to design more sustainable tourism experiences. She has facilitated numerous workshops on tourism and sustainability in multiple countries around the globe

Dr. Pimrawee
Pimrawee Rocharungsat -  Panelist

Pimrawee Rocharungsat

Associate Professor Dr. Pimrawee Rocharungsat is Head of the Hotel and Tourism Division of Phetchaburi Rajabhat University in Thailand. She is also Vice President for Special and International Affairs at Phetchaburi Rajabhat University. She completed her doctoral studies on community-based tourism at James Cook University, Australia after gaining a Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in the USA. She continues to do research into community-based tourism, tourism images, ASEAN image positioning, visitor experience, staff training and health tourism.

Professor Karen Hughes
Karen Hughes - Panelist

Karen Hughes

Associate Professor Karen Hughes lectures in tourism management in the School of Business at the University of Queensland, Australia. Her research interests include interpretation and environmental education, wildlife tourism, heritage tourism, visitor behaviour and sustainable tourism. She is particularly interested in exploring how interpretation can be used across a range of contexts to attract, engage and inspire visitors.  She has also explored public responses to environmental campaigns and the potential use of technology in connecting with new visitor audiences. Her most recent work involves designing and evaluating the impact of values-based interpretation on visitors' long-term environmental behaviour

Fiona Pisong N'Drower - Panelist

Fiona Pisong N'Drower

My name was given to me by my parents as Fiona Pisong N'Drower. I am from Papua New Guinea (PNG) and recently obtained a PhD from James Cook University in Commerce and Management. My PhD journey entailed creating an Indigenous research framework rooted in the cultural context of PNG and then applying it as a research tool to investigate rural tourism in PNG. I lecture at Divine Word University, PNG and I am attached to the Tourism and Hospitality Department. My research interest includes investigating matters on rural tourism, community development, indigenous research and tourism’s role in enhancing gender equity. 

Fiona Pisong N'Drower
Laurie Murphy -  Panelist

Laurie Murphy

Laurie Murphy is an Associate Professor at James Cook University, Australia and serves on the Tourism and Events Strategic Advisory Committee at Townsville Enterprise. She completed her Phd in tourism at James Cook University on backpackers and their travel decisions. Her research interests include tourism marketing, tourist shopping, travel decision-making, and tourism and community well-being. Recent projects have focused on improving tourism’s contributions to regional communities and examining the links between tourism development and destination community well-being.

Dr. Jenny Panchal.
Jenny Panchal - Panelist

Jenny Panchal

Jenny Panchal is a Senior Lecturer at the College of Business, Law & Governance at James Cook University (JCU), Australia, teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her research interests include tourist behaviour and the application of positive psychology in different specific forms of tourism such as wellness tourism, slum tourism, and tourism education, among others. She is mainly interested in Asian tourism, particularly in Southeast Asia. While in Australia, her involvement in the ASEAN Tourism Research Association (ASEAN) as Board Member/Deputy Secretary-General and her connections with colleagues at various institutions across Southeast Asia are essential factors in keeping herself abreast with tourism development, challenges, and opportunities across the ASEAN region.





  • Welcome remarks

    Gianna Moscardo

  • Introduction to the panelists and the topic

    Gianna Mosacrdo

  • Staycations, tourism and remote rural communities in Papua New Guinea

    Fiona N'Drower

  • Staycations, tourism and rural communities in Thailand

    Pimrawee Rocharungsat

  • Challenges and Opportunities for Supporting Sustainable Staycations

    Karen Hughes

  • Cultural break

  • Discussion

    Gianna Moscardo will moderate a panel discussion that includes the two speakers as well as Laurie Murphy and Jenny Panchal

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