Volume 17:

SMEs and tourism education in the Middle East

March 20,2021

Tourism’s ability to create job opportunities for entrepreneurs with limited capital is one of its many advantages, as small- and medium-size enterprises form an essential pillar of the tourism industry, especially in areas such as catering and souvenir businesses. In this regard, despite the Middle East’s limited share of international tourist arrivals, which did not exceed 50 million tourists in 2019, the region achieved the highest rates of tourism growth (8% compared to 5% globally). However, Middle East is a region where tourism is important as a job-creator sector, given the immensity of unemployment in many countries in the region. This webinar, benefitting from academic and business perspectives, discussses the relationship between tourism education and small/medium-size enterprises, and the ability of education institutions to respond to their needs.

Dr. Galal Afifi
Galal Afifi ​​ -  Moderator

Galal Afifi

Dr. Galal Afifi is an associate professor, Tourism Department, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, with more than 25 years of experience in tourism education. Dr. Afifi is a facilitator with the United Nations World Tourism Organization, a reviewer with several accreditation organizations such as AQAS and OAAA, participated as a Keynote speaker in a number of national and international conferences, and has been numerously awarded for his excellence in research inside and outside Oman.

Prof. Soha Abdul-Wahab
Soha Abdul-Wahab -  Panelist

Soha Abdul-Wahab

Prof. Abdul-Wahab is the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Helwan University, Egypt. Prof. Abdul-Wahab has a vast experience in tourism education. Over her career, Prof. Abdul-Wahab supervised tens of postgraduate studies, and as well as producing more than 20 papers

Prof. Sair
Aziz Sair - Panelist

Aziz Sair

Prof. Sair is the Director of the Business School, University Ibn Zohr Morocco. Prof. Sair is as well the Head of a Laboratory and Research in Tourism Studies, Director of a Master Program in Marketing and Tourism Management. Prof. Sair produced different articles in tourism management and destination organization

Prof. Aloudat (2)
Areej Aloudat - Panelist

Areej Aloudat

Dr. Aloudat, is an Associate
Professor of Tourism at
Yarmouk University, Jordan.
She serves as Dean’s Assistant
for Quality Assurance and
Accreditation. Prof. Aloudat
serves on the Editorial Boards
for International Journal for
Tour guiding Research.
Journal of Arab and Muslim

Dr. Benali
Amira Benali - Panelist

Amira Benali

Dr. Benali is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. As an interdisciplinary scholar, Dr. Benali’s work relates to gender, social justice, poverty and alternative economies in the intersection of management, Tourism studies, and socio-anthropology.

Volume 17-English
Volume 17-Arabic


  • Welcome remarks

    Galal Afifi

  • SMEs from the perspective of postgraduate studies


  • Levelling up of SME for a better performance in the tourism sector in Morocco/community perspectives


  • SMEs in the Jordanian tourism sector


  • SMEs in Tunisia: Between University Education and Alternative Youth Initiatives for Tourism Development


  • Discussion

    Panelists and participants



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