Volume 16:

Smart community tourism development in Indonesia

 March 13,2021 – 13:00 Jakarta

Tourism in Indonesia has grown strongly over the past several years. The established tourism sector is based around sun and sand, nature and culture and growth has placed stress on more well-developed attractions. Further, opportunities to meet local people and learn their culture are limited. The Government of Indonesia is developing its tourism sector to encourage new forms of tourism and to ensure the benefits of tourism expenditure are received in less developed areas and by smaller communities. This webinar will discuss a number of projects targeting development of tourism in small communities in Indonesia.

                   March 13@13:00 /Jakarta.                      March 13@01:00 New York.                   06:00 GMT.                     March 13@15:00 Tokyo.                


Dr.Noel-Scott 2
Noel-Scott​​ -  Moderator


Dr Noel Scott has worked as a tourism consultant and academic researcher for 26 years and led research and consulting projects in sustainable tourism, tourism branding, destination management, tourism product and experience design and China tourism. International clients included the UNWTO, OECD, ASEAN, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia Awards Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and Government of Fiji. Prior to starting his academic career in 2001, he was a senior manager in a variety of leading businesses including Tourism and Events Queensland. He is an Adjunct Professor of Tourism Management at the Sustainability Research Centre of the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Prof. Dr Bet El Silisna Lagarense
Bet El Silisna Lagarense - Panelist

Bet El Silisna Lagarense

Professor Lagarense hold a Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism Planning from the Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo, Canada. She works in Manado State Polytechnic and teaches in a number of other universities. She has published extensively in events, destination planning and community development. She will talk about a bicycle tourism event held by the International Veteran Cycle Association (IVCA) in 2018 in Bali, Indonesia.

Dr Maulita Sari Hani
Maulita Sari Hani -  Panelist

Maulita Sari Hani

Lita is a professional with background education in tourism and fisheries science. She works in the area of marine wildlife conservation and tourism. She develops strategies and proposed actions based on bio-ecology and socio-economic studies. Her works contribute to wildlife protection and habitat restoration in addition to empower women and boost local economy. She is the founder of Indoecotours, a social enterprise that promotes sustainable traveling. Currently she works for Conservation International Indonesia and also actively involve as an adviser for women tourism Indonesia. Lita has contributed to a number of publications and policy papers on shark and rays’ conservation at the national and regional levels in Indonesia.

Teddy Tandaju
Teddy Tandaju - Panelist

Teddy Tandaju

Teddy Tandaju, born in Manado, Indonesia. He completed a Master of Business Administration (Advanced) from Southern Cross University, Australia in 2007. Currently, he is Professor for Universitas Katolik De La Salle Manado (since 2000), teaching business studies, tourism & service marketing. He was the Dean for tourism department for two years and was certified as a business coach by TOP Coach Indonesia in 2018. His research interests are in te tourism and service industry sectors. He has written three ISBN books and published in the University’s journal as well as at our local newspapers regarding tourism marketing and personal development.

Fransiska Eva Lidya Natalia
Fransiska Eva Lidya Natalia -  Panelist

Fransiska Eva Lidya Natalia

Fransiska is a program coordinator and community engagement manager at JED (Village Ecotourism Network) in Bali, Indonesia. She manages the organization on a daily basis and works closely with villagers to develop and promote community-based ecotourism. Previously, she worked for Kono Green Living company and Forum Fair Trade Indonesia. She graduated from Udayana University, majored in Agriculture Technology. Siska loves traveling and reading

Muhammad Ikbal Putera
Muhammad Ikbal Putera -  Panelist

Muhammad Ikbal Putera

Ikbal is working as a Forest Ecosystem Manager, Park’s Public Relations Officer, Evaluation and Reporting Officer, and Park’s Ecotourism Expert in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. Ikbal graduated from the University of Florida with a Master’s degree in Forest Resources and Conservation. Ikbal is working to strengthen the park’s carrying capacity system in order to regulate the number of visitors allowed to visit the park’s destinations. He is also focusing on identifying tourists’ motivations and passionate in developing community-based tourism the park’s surrounding. He is eager to passing his knowledge regarding ecotourism management.



  • Welcome Remarks

    Kazem Vafadari

  • Introduction to tourism in Indonesia

    Noel Scott

  • Developing CBT in Bali

    Fransiska Natalia

  • Improving local community interactions with Komodo National Park

    Muhammad Ikbal Putera

  • Community-based manta ray conservation and tourism

    Maulita Sari Hani

  • Religious tourism in Minahasa, Indonesia

    Teddy Tandaju

  • Cycle Tourism

    Bet El Silisna Lagarense

  • Cultural break

    INDONESIA, Arts & Culture through Community-Based Tourism

  • Questions

    Noel Scott & Kazem Vafadari



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