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David A. Fennell
Professor David A. Fennell, PhD, Department of Geography and Tourism Studies, Brock University. Fennell researches mainly in the areas of ecotourism, tourism ethics, animal ethics, and sustainable tourism. He has published widely in these areas and in all of the field’s top journals, and has written several books, including, for example, Ecotourism (5th edition), Ecotourism Programme Planning, Tourism Ethics (2nd edition), Codes of Ethics in Tourism, Tourism and Animal Ethics, and Sustainable Tourism: Principles, Contexts, and Practices. A major thrust of his research involves the use of theory from other disciplines to gain traction on many of tourism’s most persistent problems. Fennell is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Ecotourism, is on the boards of many academic journals, is the editor of a book series by Routledge on tourism ethics, and is the editor of two Routledge Handbooks on tourism: Tourism and the environment, and Ecotourism

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