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Resilience and Recovery of Tourism Communities


Recent webinars have paid limited attention to CoronaVirus problems of small/remote communities depending on tourism. Simply put, without tourism these destinations cannot feed themselves.

This webinar identifies problems of such neglected host communities and suggests how their micro tourism operators can regain the lost business and actually start doing better after the CoronaVirus situation is resolved.

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Ahmad Mat Son ​​ - Moderator

Ahmad Mat Son

Ph.D. in Tourism Scottish Hotel School, School of Business, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom (2005)

Master in Business Administration, School of Finance and Management, University of Lincolnshire & Humberside, United Kingdom (1998)

B.Sc. in Community and Regional Planning, Iowa State University, Ames, USA (1987)

Foundation Degree, Broome Community College, Binghamton, New York, USA (1985)

Xerardo Pereiro - Moderator

Xerardo Pereiro

Prof. Xerardo Pereiro invited lecturer in the webinar Resilience and Recovery of Small Tourism Entrepreneurs and Communities, 13 June 2020.

Xerardo Pereiro(University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro –UTAD, CETRAD – Vila Real – Portugal. holds a European PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia – Spain) and another International PhD in Tourism from the University of La Laguna (Canarias – Spain).

Duarte B. Morais
Duarte Morais​​ - Panelist

Duarte Morais

Morais is an Associate Professor of Sustainable Tourism and a Tourism Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University. He is also the lead in(ve)stigator of People-First Tourism Lab, a participatory action research collective started at NC State and now involving researchers and community development partners globally (P1tLab.ncsu.edu).

Morais supports small communities and microentrepreneurs across the State of North Carolina and internationally. Morais integrates the insight and energy of an increasingly rich team of scholars in disciplines ranging from Cultural Anthropology, Humanitarian Engineering, Social Business, Community Psychology, Design, and Computer Science. His disciplinary home is Social-psychology and through this lens he investigates how tourism microentrepreneurship is developed and how it may affect host communities ability to harness economic opportunity in their own terms.

Dr. Kazem Vafadari 1
Kazem Vafadari - Moderator

Kazem Vafadari

Director of International Center for Asia Pacific Tourism (iCAPt); academic director of the Kunisaki city research center for world agriculture heritage, Oita, Japan and Division Head, Graduate school of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) Tourism and Hospitality (THP) Beppu, Japan. He worked with United Nations University and Kanazawa University in Japan before joining APU in 2011. He is an expert on Tourism and natural resource management and tourism applications of agriculture heritage landscapes. His research background also includes community building and rural revitalization and destination branding.

Jaranya Daengnoy - Panelist

Jaranya Daengnoy

Career Objective

Leadership position in the field of organizational development and planning of Community-based development with emphasis on tourism as a strategy for sustainable development.

         Summary of Qualifications

  • Design and facilitation of Community-Based Tourism (CBT) training and of study trips for international NGOs, Government agencies and universities.
  • Community-Based Tourism development program across Thailand and Asia-Pacific region.
  • Protocols development as liaison and resource person for government and local communities.
  • Excellent analytical ability, strong written and verbal presentation skills, and the skill-set to work independently on a broad variety of assignments
  • Excellent interpersonal and intercultural competency.
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