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Aug 28 2021


Tehran time(+3.5)
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  •   Kazem Vafadari
      Kazem Vafadari

    Dr.Kazem Vafadari is Director of International Center for Asia Pacific Tourism (iCAPt); academic director of the Kunisaki city research center for world agriculture heritage, Oita, Japan and Division Head, Graduate school of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) Tourism and Hospitality (THP) Beppu, Japan. He worked with United Nations University and Kanazawa University in Japan before joining APU in 2011. He is an expert on Tourism and natural resource management and tourism applications of agriculture heritage landscapes. His research background also includes community building and rural revitalization and destination branding

  •   Raymond Rastegar
  •  Jafar Jafari
     Jafar Jafari

    Jafar Jafari is Founding Editor, Annals of Tourism Research; Chief Editor, Tourism Social Science Series; Co-Editor, Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice; Co-Editor, Encyclopedia of Tourism; Co-Founder, TRINET; Founding President, International Academy for the Study of Tourism; Co-Founding Editor, Information Technology & Tourism; and Co-Founding President Tourism Intelligence Forum.

  • Beka Jakeli
    Beka Jakeli

    Chief of Member Relations

    World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

    Beka Jakeli has been working at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) since June 2012 currently being Chief of Member Relations overseeing relations and policy with the Organization´s Member States. Beka Jakeli brings valuable expertise on tourism destination management having served as Deputy Chairman at the Georgian National Tourism Administration (2008-2012) responsible for policy, market research, international cooperation and fundraising activities. At the same time he was speaker of the Government on incentives, investments and infrastructure in tourism sector.

    Mr. Jakeli holds the MBA degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the Tbilisi State Institute of Economic Relations and completed postgraduate course in Destination Management in the USA. In 2011, by the decree of the President of Georgia, Beka Jakeli was awarded with the state award “The Order of Honor” for his outstanding contribution to the development of the tourism sector.

  • Hamid Zargham
    Hamid Zargham

    Dr. Hamid Zargham Boroujeni is a professor at Allameh Tabataba’i University in Tehran. He is the founder of “Tourism Management” academic program in Iran, Allameh Tabatabai University and is known as the “father of scientific tourism in Iran”. He teaches “Tourism Policy”, “Tourism Development Planning”, and “Tourism in Developing Countries” and has published more than 80 research papers. He has also authored or translated 15 textbooks for tourism in Persian. Dr. Zargham has more than 25 years of experience in consulting tourism development projects and has been encouraged for practical research in tourism planning. He is currently the chief editor of ” Biannual Journal of Social Tourism Studies” and is a member of the editorial board of several specialized tourism quarterly journals such as “Tourism Management Studies” and “Tourism and Spirituality”.

  • Hassan Ansari
    Hassan Ansari

    Dr. Hassan Ansari, Iranian e-tourism Association exacut manager

  • Mahda Tadbiri
    Mahda Tadbiri

    Mahda Tadbiri is Assistant General Manager, Espinas Palace Hotel, Tehran. She has a Master degree in English Translation (University of Damavand), a degree in Aircraft Safety and Services (Prince Sultan Aviation Academy, Saudi Arabia), Executive MBA (Sharif University of Technology), and a certificate in (online) Executive Education Programs (Harvard University, USA). She assists in designing and implementing staff matrix, BSC strategic management, and budgeting system in the Espinas Hotel Group. Previously she was Senior Flight Attendant in Saudi Arabian Airlines.

  • Shirin Amonzoda
    Shirin Amonzoda

    Amonzoda Shirin – Minister of Labor, Migration and Employment, Republic of Tajikistan (as of November 2020). Had worked as a Chairman, Committee of Tourism Development under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan (Jan.-Nov.2020), earlier Deputy Chairperson of the abovementioned Committee (2017-2020). Graduated from Asia Pacific University with the specialty of International Cooperation Policy, Development Economics. Worked on research “Tourism Public Planning Policy and its impact to national economy”, (Japan, 2016), History of East poetry in England and America (Dushanbe, 2004), independent author of several publications in frame of the Dialogue of Civilization (1999-2004), etc. Until 2017, Chief Specialist of the Main Department of Trade Policy and Consumer Market (2012-2017), Chief Specialist of the Department for Cooperation with Foreign Countries (2007-2012), a Chief Specialist of the Protocol Service (2005-2007) at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan.

    During the 2000-2004 years had worked with the International Organization for Migration (Dushanbe, 2000-2001), the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (Dushanbe-Afghanistan, 2001-2004), the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (Dushanbe 2004), Aichi World EXPO (Japan, 2005).

    Ms. Amonzoda has become one of the first start-uppers in Tajikistan to pave the way towards tourism development as a separate sector for reinforcing capacity building, infrastructure development, enhancing investment, bettering the quality of service and tourism promotion issues. A person in charge for the Strategy of Tourism development in the Republic of Tajikistan until the period 2030, that covers various areas of the tourism sector, in particular, improving the quality of service in airports, simplification of visa issuance and registration, licensing tourist entrepreneurship, destination management organizations in the regions of the country and other important aspects of this industry. Based on this strategy, there had been attracted grants from ADB and WB to fund first projects on Tourism development and Rural Economic Development Projects with involvement of international consultants from UNWTO. It must be noted that the methodology and analysis that would be held, will lead the initial steps towards sustainable tourism growth in Tajikistan.

  • Vali Teymouri
    Vali Teymouri

    Vali Teymouri is the Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts of Iran. He has completed his PhD in economic geography with a focus on tourism. In addition to educational and research activities, he has extensive activities in various government departments

  • Zohreh Zarezadeh
    Zohreh Zarezadeh

    University of Southern Queensland, Australia

    Dr Zarezadeh has a PhD degree in Tourism Marketing from the University of Queensland, Australia. She has more than a decade of teaching experience both in Iran and Australia.

    She has been actively involved in a number of research projects on social media marketing and online information search behaviour. Her research interests focus on information technology, information search, social media marketing, and adoption and use of technologies in tourism. She has published her research outcomes in top tourism journals such as Journal of Sustainable Tourism and Current Issues in Tourism.

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  • Date: Aug 28 2021
  • Time: 9:30 am - 11:00 am

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بازاریابی گردشگری با استراتژی و خط مشی جدید


صنعت گردشگری در دوره پسا کرونا به کدام سو خواهد رفت؟ این سوالی است که ذهن بسیاری از فعالان گردشگری را به خود مشغول کرده. علیرغم تمامی تاثیرات منفی همه‌گیری، این دوران دشوار فرصتی را برای بازنگری در حوزه گردشگری فراهم نموده است. بسیاری از مقاصد با استفاده از این فرصت به شناسایی نقات ضعف و قوت پرداخته تا خود را از نو بسازند. حال با انجام واکسیناسیون، ارتقای ایمنی و کاهش محدودیت‌ها در برخی نقاط، این صنعت جانی دوباره گرفته است و بسیاری از مقاصد گردشگری به رقابت در جذب گردشگران می‌پردازند. هر چند باید  توجه داشت که شرایط حاکم از زمان شیوع کرونا توام با شکاف میان ملت‌ها، دهکده جهانی را متزلزل کرده است. در شرایط کنونی جهانگردی می‌تواند نقش بسیار مهمی در ترویج صلح و آرامش با برقراری ارتباط بین اقوام، فرهنگها و کشورهای مختلف ایفا کند.  لذا با بهره‌برداری از تجربیات جدید، این وبینار با نگاهی به توسعه پایدار به بررسی راهکارهای اجرایی برای توسعه و ارتقای جایگاه مقاصد گردشگری می پردازد

New Marketing Strategies to Rebuild Tourism for the Future

What trends are awaiting the tourism industry as the world gradually reopens its doors? This is a billion-dollar question asked by many. Destinations are using this lull in tourism to identify their strengths and weaknesses, with the intent of nesting a prosperous industry. But tourism, in addition to its economic strength, promotes movements among members of the global community presently distanced because of unfortunate Covid-19 and other political incongruities. Thus, in its full force, tourism has the capacity of promoting both peace and prosperity in our global village. Benefiting from recent international case studies and experiences, this webinar offers a roadmap—to rebuild a sustainable tourism industry for all.

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بازاریابی گردشگری با استراتژی و خط مشی جدید


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